Pre-Bathroom Remodel Checklist

There you are, looking at your bathroom. You know it’s time for a change. You’ve stubbed your toe on that piece of old tile protruding from the ground one too many times. Here are some things to think about before you decide to remodel and begin planning.



Identify which bathroom you are remodeling. A master bathroom will take much different planning then a smaller guest bathroom.


Figure out exactly what it is about that room that makes you want to remodel. Is it the style? Are things breaking? Find out the exact motive.


Break down the daily activities that go on in this room outside of normal bathroom behavior. Is this the space you get ready in? Relax? Or is more so just used for normal functionality?


You need to consider how many people live in the home, their ages, and how many people will be using the space throughout the day. If it is a commonly visited room in a house full of kids, you’ll want a remodel that is more durable and safe. As opposed to a let’s say a retired homeowner who wants to turn their bathroom into their own personal luxurious spa.


If multiple people do use the space, you should consider how those interactions will go when one or more person wants to use the bathroom. For some married couples, a two-sink remodel is almost a necessity.


You need to think about the appliances and fixtures you use in the bathroom. Consider if there are enough electrical outlets and where they are placed.


Builders often overlook those with physical handicaps when designing a home. If you have a physical issue, consider ways to make the room accommodate you.


Even though this one is minuscule, many times the areas where you hang your linens and towels can be awkwardly placed. Think about that before the remodel and where YOU would want your linens to hang.


The best part about a remodel is you have the opportunity to make your home exactly how you want it. You can have quirky ideas, or try new things that suit your style. Not only that, it can increase the value of your home. But before you decide to go through with a remodel, be thorough, do your planning and research, and find a company you trust to get the job done.

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