We recommend two inspections a year, and after a major storm. File for a free inspection after the hottest season, and the coldest.

Meeting The Adjuster

Our trained professionals are able to detect small problems BEFORE they turn into big problems.

Filing The Claim

We will give you the information, and are positive you will chose us for our quality of work and affordable prices.

Scope Of Work

Complete information on how we are going to fix the problem at hand.

Subject To Agreement

We work with Insurance companies for their approval on the claim.

Funding The Project

Once claims are approved, funds are then allocated.

Our Process

Oklahoma weather will throw a lot at your roof, from hail and sleet to high winds and baking heat.  Sometimes Mother Nature will get the upper hand on your roof, and when that happens, we can guide you through the entire replacement process.  We can help you fill out all necessary paperwork and work with your insurance company to make your new roof or roof repair a hassle-free experience.​​ ​Our Claims coordinators have consistently helped residential property owners recover their money, through residential claim processes in OKC metro and surrounding areas.

Validated Construction Inspection Process