G 1:3 Solar

take control of your electric bill

Own your electric with Solar Energy.  No more relying on someone else to power your home!

Reduce Pollution

Help keep our planet green with zero harmful air emissions. Solar is a safer alternative to traditional fuels.

Solar energy is renewable

Unlike traditional fossil fuels, solar energy utilizes the gift that keeps on giving, our sun!  Renewable resources make for a brighter future!

Solar is available wherever you are

As long as you are under the sun, solar is available.  Never worry about the reliability of your energy source again!

Reduced/Eliminated Electric Bill

Help reduce overall expenses with solar energy.  Making the switch can reduce or even eliminate your electric bill entirely!

G 1:3 Solar Install

Who we are

Genesis 1:3 And God said, "Let there be light," and there was light.  This powerful piece of scripture signifies the birth of a new world, giving us an essential resource for life.  At G 1:3 we provide the resources and the power to own your electricity with solar energy!


How Does solar work?

  • The solar panels take in energy from the sun to create DC (Direct Current) Electricity.
  • The DC electricity is then run through a solar inverter and converted to AC (Alternating Current) Electricity.
  • The AC Electricity is now ready to use to power your home!
  • The surplus energy is then sent back to the main electricity grid.
G 1:3 Solar Install

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