Why You Should Go Solar With Your Remodel

Homeowners and businesses are always searching for new ways to save money. Bills and expenses can become overwhelming and put owners in a financial bind. As a result, rooftop solar power is one of the fastest growing trends in the construction world, and for good reason. It can save you money, while also benefitting society. Below, are some reasons why you should call

Save money and help the environment with G 1:3 Solar installation.


Electric Bill

Taking control of your electric bill is one of the biggest benefits of switching to G:13 Solar Energy. Imagine not having to spend an hour on hold just to talk to your electrical provider. You won’t have to deal with an electric company or bills in the mail anymore. Furthermore, you won’t be dependent on anyone else to power your home. Most of all, you will save an enormous amount of money by not having to pay for electricity every month. For business, solar rooftops have helped to greatly reduced operating costs. Many people are also unaware of the tax benefits that come with installing a solar energy system.


Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is also a much better alternative for the environment. Clean solar energy isn’t harmful and doesn’t release an toxic emissions. You avoid a large amount of risk associated with natural, like air contamination and water pollution. Solar energy is renewable. A well-sited system can generate the equivalent of 60-75% of a typical household’s electricity use. Not only is it great for the environment, solar energy has helped to create tons of jobs for the working class.


Anywhere the Sun Shines

The rising and setting of the sun consistent. This makes solar power and extremely reliable source. You don’t have to worry about city wide power outages. Wherever the sun shines, you find clean energy. When it rains or is cloudy, Solar systems use back up energy that has been stored over time.




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