Tips to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

As the cold weather continues to roll in for Oklahomans, homeowners should be sure to prep for the brisk conditions. Ice, freezing temperatures, and snow can be a burden on a home. Cold weather preparation can save you a lot of money and help avoid larger issues. Here is a list of precautionary steps you can take to get your home ready for winter.


Weather Stripping

Any windows and openings in your home may new to be resealed so that cold air doesn’t seep in. You can add caulk to windows or invest in weather stripping for roofs and cracks. Not only will this keep your house warmer, it will also save you money on your electric bill.


Clean gutters

All those leaves and debris in your gutter can cause lots of problems with cold weather. If you don’t clean the leaves that fell during fall and a freeze storm happens, you could be looking at an ice dam built up in your gutter. This can make gutters heavy and eventually so weighted that they begin to break or the ice can freeze underneath the shingles which can cause issues. This will also insure that you don’t deal with any infestation or mold coming from the gutters.


Inspect your roof

Cold weather brings with it lots of moisture. Get up on your roof and check for any deterioration.  Make sure to look at the chimneys and vent stacks for any damaged flashing. Many times these damages can lead to leaks and other issues. If you aren’t comfortable with getting up on your roof, Validated Construction does free roof inspections!


Trim Trees

It’s a good idea to take time now and examine the trees around your property closely. If you see any limbs that could knock out the power or fall and ruin your home, it’s best to trim those now. Freezing temperatures are hard on trees and many times can cause splits and breaks.


Protect Pipes

Find the unheated areas of your home where pipes might be such as crawl spaces and in your garage. Cover them with insulation or pipe wrap. Frozen pipes can literally ruin a home if you don’t prepare correctly. There are also brands of heating tape that are attached to a thermostat to keep your pipes heated to a specific temperature.



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